Spirit Aikido Online

Spirit Aikido Online is a program consisting of a subscription to video content I provide on a constant and ongoing basis. The goal of these videos is to provide you techniques, training drills, and exercises to expand your martial art training to make your aikido more well rounded and self-defense capable.

I put this program together as a way to do what I love most with aikido and martial arts: work with people and share concepts that can help them grow. Over the years, I've gotten to meet and become friends with martial artists from all over the world. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to get on the mat with all of them due to the distance. So this program is a way to share what I would if I were in person, things which I've found most useful and practical - as well as how to train it and guide students to making them work easily and quickly.

The beauty of the internet tools allow for sharing this material and to collaborate. It is my interest is in working with you on making what I share part of your aikido, and going beyond just sharing videos and connecting with you to assist in helping you become comfortable with teaching this material.

All videos are shot in full 1080p resolution, and have excellent clarity.

There are two levels of subscription available:

Gold Subscription - The full feature subscription level
• New videos released every few days
• Full access to all previously released videos
• Access to mentoring where I can help troubleshoot and answer questions directly

Silver Subscription - A limited feature subscription level for people on a budget
• 8-10 new videos available per month
• When a new month's videos are uploaded, the previous ones become unavailable
• You may upgrade to the Gold Subscription anytime for full access to all the content

You can subscribe here: Spirit Aikido Online

Feel free to Contact us directly if you have any questions.

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