Tristan Chermack

I started studying aikido in 2004 and my background includes more than thirty years in various arts. Martial arts have been my passion and interest since childhood when I started my martial training journey.

Aikido wasn't where I started that journey, but where I finally found the best fit. Aikido training allowed me to fill in a great deal which was missing or incomplete from my previous martial art experience. It was a two way street, as there were influences from those experiences which have made my aikido more effective.

Some of those previous arts include extensive weapons background with European sword, spear, polearm, and armored combat. I am also a certified advanced firearms instructor. My ongoing study includes historical European martial arts, savate, pugilism, wrestling, pankration, and I am always eager to learn from others.

My main passion for martial arts is sharing in the moments when students amaze themselves with what they discover they are capable of. I love those moments, and it is my main interest in teaching.