We like to keep things simple and straightforward. Many martial arts dojos do not put their pricing on their website, nor do they disclose to you costs which come in later, such things as: mandatory seminars, patches, uniforms, weapons or equipment, belt test fees, and the like. We have no extra costs or fees which you are required to pay, nor pressure you to buy anything else. It is all listed right here.

If you are interested in getting started, you can come in and try out a class for free with no obligation whatsoever. Any class on our schedule is fine for you to come in for a visit, and we do like it when people contact us and let us know they are coming. It is not required, though. Some new people choose to come and watch a class first then come a second time to try one out, and some come right in and try one the first time. Either is fine with us and you are welcome to take whichever approach suits you best.

When you sign up, there is an initial registration fee of $150 per person. This provides you a heavyweight gi (uniform). If you already have a gi, the cost will be deducted. The initiation fee is only paid once, even if you take time off from training. Should you do so and return, you never pay this registration fee again.

We operate on a monthly tuition basis, due on or before the 1st of the month.

1 month - $140
3 months - $420

We have family discount pricing as well, since it is common for married couples and parents/children to want to train together.

2nd family member - 20% off monthly tuition
3rd family member - 30% off
4th family member - 40% off
5th family member - 50% off

We also invite and welcome visitors from other dojos, regardless of rank or experience. Our mat fee is $20 per session.